While you may have sworn off the cocktails, chocolate in all its forms and flavors is a minor vice that’s very much tolerated by the pregnancy police. You can now give your addiction free rein with this wonderfully indulgent, deliciously aromatic chocolate facial mask. The combination of cocoa powder and cream really can refresh a tired complexion. I guess it’s all down to the magic of chocolate.

1/3 cup cocoa powder

3 tablespoons heavy cream

2 teaspoons cottage cheese

3 teaspoons avocado

1/2 cup honey

3 teaspoons oatmeal powder

Mix all ingredients together and smooth onto face. Relax for ten minutes, then wash the mask off with warm water.


Each week, I enjoy bringing you pregnancy news of all kinds.  It’s a nice distraction from life’s sometimes hectic pace!  Today, I bring you another type of distraction – one Barefoot & Pregnant is known best for: pregnancy relaxation.  When you can’t get to the spa for a prenatal massage, take time for a lavender bubble bath!

Lavender Bubble Bath

Lavender oil is noted for its soothing properties and is particularly beneficial for aching backs, legs and ligaments.

1 quart water
1 bar of your favorite unscented soap, grated
2 ounces coconut oil
3 drops of lavender essential oil


Warm the water in a pan, and then add the soap and stir until dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and add the coconut and lavender oils. Using pleasantly warm (not boiling hot) water, draw yourself a nice deep bath, add one tablespoon of your newly concocted bubble bath and enjoy. You can store the remainder in a sealed jar, ready for your next moment of indulgence!


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Mocktails from Glow Mama: Kiss Me I’m Pregnant

What:  A feature on View from the Bay

Who:  Barefoot & Pregnant and Hotel Healdsburg

When: Friday (2/5) @ 3:00pm (or later, on DVR!)

Where: Your couch, comfy chair, or living room floor

Why?:  Need a reason to talk about pampering?  Ok. Because it’s a great way to spend a Friday afternoon… relaxing with a mocktail and a face mask, and hearing about Barefoot & Pregnant at Hotel Healdsburg!

Last week, we told you about our Biggest Babymoon Ever event, coming up in February 2010!  This week, we’re focused on the fabulous property where the event will take place:  Spa Elia at Hotel Los Gatos.

Hotel Los Gatos is not only a gorgeous boutique hotel, but is a certified green property. The hotel is a short drive from San Francisco and the soothing Santa Cruz coast.  Nestled in historic downtown Los Gatos at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the 72-room property is a rich addition to this charming community.
The result of unique vision and years of planning, the villa oasis reflects a mix of old California charm and Mediterranean flavor, with lush courtyard gardens, flowing fountains and terra cotta walls.  The lobby recalls shades of the setting sun, while the dark wood floors, deep leather chairs, wrought iron accents and original artwork radiate warmth and tradition.  The hotel also features a heated pool and hot tub, spectacular courtyards, fountains and patios.

Spa Elia whisks guests away to a Mediterranean Garden retreat where treatments are designed to ease the mind while easing consciousness.  With all organic and sustainable products, the intention of the spa is to renew its guests while renewing the planet at the same time…all while offering an extensive menu that invites visitors to enjoy fabulous body, massage, esthetic and nail services.

I’m relaxing just thinking about it!

As a reminder, you can read the details of the Biggest Babymoon event and reserve your spot, and of course, enter the promotion to win.  Good luck – we’ll see you at the Spa.

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