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It’s in His Kiss-“Playful, platonic, passionate, or parental, kisses transmit a surprising amount of information. In fact, they even play an evolutionary role in fertility. ”

Bleeding During Pregnancy-“Vaginal bleeding can occur frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy and may not be a sign of problems. But bleeding that occurs in the second and third trimester of pregnancy can often be a sign of a possible complication.”

Kick Counts-“Popcorn popping. A little fish swimming. Bubbles. Butterflies. Tickles. These are common words used by women to describe their baby’s first movements. Also known as “quickening”, it’s a reassuring sign that your baby is OK and growing.”


Check out these new articles on Barefoot & Pregnant!

Remembering Scarlet: “Somewhere between the dozens of recipes I’ve printed out but never tried and the numerous To Do lists, I came across something I didn’t even remember having. It was dated January 22, 2008 and it was the first and only sonogram picture from when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my little bean – one of the two that didn’t make it.”

Perineal Massage: Make Room for Baby: “Not the kind of massage you’ll find in your average spa, perineal massage is reputed to help to stretch the vaginal tissues the same way that your baby’s head will during birth, only in a gentler and more controlled way.”

Preterm Labor: What Dad Can Do: “Preterm labor is labor that occurs before the 37th completed week of pregnancy. (Most pregnancies last 38-42 weeks; your partner’s due date is 40 weeks after the first day of her last menstrual period.)”

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Finding Hope After Miscarriage: “Angy Merola’s first attempt at motherhood resulted in an ectopic pregnancy, discovered only after much damage was done to one of her fallopian tubes. Her chances of becoming pregnant again were now, in theory, cut in half. That’s how she began a four-year journey filled with heartbreak and struggle…”

Are You Asking the Right Questions?: “As expectant mamas, especially if this is your first baby, there are a ton of questions to ask. Questions about your body, what’s normal, what’s not, the birth, baby care, and more.”

Rise and Shine- Oatmeal Mask for Dry Skin: “Start a relaxing day by treating yourself to this incredibly soothing facial mask designed to help dry skin feel baby soft.”

From Deadlines to Diapers: Confessions of a Former Mommy Snob: “Before I became a mother, I was a world-class planner. I poured my mental energy into networking and career building. Parenting, I thought, could be approached in much the same fashion.”

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Sunscreens: Safest and Most Effective: “How do we know which sunscreens work the best and are the safest? Whose guidance should we abide by? Doctors, dermatologists, cosmetologists, sunscreen companies, consumer watch dog groups?”

The freak-factor of secondary infertility: “you aren’t going to be one of those people who only has one child are you because only children are always such freaks… Fast forward, three plus years and numerous amounts of time and money spent on infertility treatments. I’m finally reaching the “acceptance” phase of grief. I’m accepting the fact that my daughter quite possibly might be an only child.”

Who Carried You, Anyway?: “Remember that time we hung out in the same body for nine months, and I quit drinking and cut my caffeine supply by two thirds? And hey, there was that time we were in the hospital and I, like, gave birth to you? Yeah, good times. Good times. And the response? Oh yeah, baby. A big fat “DADADADAAAAAA.”

What to Ask Before Booking Your Prenatal Spa Appointment: “As prenatal pampering grows in popularity, many spas are now offering maternity services. However, there are great differences between many spas, and their experience level with pregnant women.”

Co-Parenting Primer: “Co-parenting” is a big buzz word when it comes to divorce. You’ve probably heard about the importance of co-parenting, but understanding what co-parenting really is and how to make it work requires delving beneath the hot word of the day.”

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Ten Timely Tips for Pregnant Working Women: “Should you work while you are pregnant? About 78% of pregnant women continue work through the end of pregnancy.”

Morning Sickness, Oh No!: “As soon as the excitement of having a positive pregnancy result is known, that queasy feeling may start to become evident at any time of day or night, not just the morning, and you may wonder what you got yourself into.” 

Tips for Finding a Maternity Photographer: “The average pregnancy photo shoot should happens 6 to 8 weeks from your due date, so there’s almost no room for error if you don’t like the finished result or the photographer makes a mistake.”

Sex on a Schedule-Without Feeling Like you are on a Schedule: “For those of us who spent half of our lives trying not to get pregnant, actually getting pregnant later in life isn’t always as easy!  Thus the birth of sex on a schedule.”

Taking a Road Trip With Your Baby: “To Grandmother’s house we go! And you’ll be in the car for five whole hours.”

Your Child and Co-parenting: “All of you have to work together to help this new family structure work effectively. Helping your child adjust to your new situation takes time and patience.”

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The Ideal Green Mom on a Budget: “With the economy as depressed as it is, cutting back expenses is what many families must do these days.”

When Dads are Excluded From the OB: “The fact that the dad-to-be might have some specific and important needs, concerns, questions, worries, or anything of his own else rarely seems to occur to anyone.”

Soul Support: “I want toensure that you have created a full soul support team not only for the birth (or arrival if you are adopting), but for before and after your baby arrives.”

To Buy or Not to Buy Before Baby: Baby showers and gifts for an unborn child are taboo.”

Budgeting for Twins: What Parents Should Consider: “Finding out you are expecting twins is exciting but, it may also be a cause for panic!”

There’s a Baby in Your Spa-Why the Pampering Doesn’t have to End: “Here endeth the lecture. Now go forth and enjoy your baby. Enjoy your new role as a mom.”

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Manage the Crave Cycle: “You wake up and can’t function without your cup of coffee.  Mid-morning you MUST take a candy break because you’re “STARVING!”  Noon rolls around and you go for the carbs!”

IVF and Much Needed Confirmation: “I am five weeks and six days pregnant. Roll on week number twelve so I may rest easier.”

Label Look Out: “Expecting and new moms must remember that everything you eat, apply or make contact with can affect not only you but your growing baby.”

Awakening your Inner-self Through Taste: “”Pregnancy is the time when regardless of your personal choices of food, you have an obligation to ensure that your food selections are fully nourishing to your unborn baby.” 

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression: “How can you tell if what you’re experiencing is normal or if you have postpartum depression (PPD)?”

Diapers: Which are the Greenest Choice?: “There are many eco-friendly diaper options to choose from these days from biodegradable g-Diapers to  compostable diapers to cloth diaper services.”

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