September 2011

It’s flu season and doctors are recommending that expecting moms get a flu shot to protect themselves and baby. The flu shot can prevent serious illness to mom that can affect baby’s health. The March of Dimes urges that all pregnant women be immunized and that the vaccine is safe and effective. Talk to your doctor about getting vaccinated!



September is here and it is officially Baby Safety Month, sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. In the past, JPMA has focused on educating parents about outfitting a nursery, using a car seat properly, and creating a safe sleeping environment. This year, they will focus on using wearable infant products like soft carriers, slings, and frame carriers.

JPMA talks about the benefits of using a carrier or sling (babywearing), not only has a hands free option of carrying your infant but has a way to establish a close physical connection. If you are using a soft carrier, make sure the baby’s face is always visible and that they are never covered with fabric. They should have plenty of airflow. If you are using a frame carrier, make sure baby’s weight is distributed evenly and always check for any ripped seams. If you use a sling, check your baby’s position by embracing them after you place them in the sling. They should not move around a lot. Also, make sure they are not hunched over and don’t let their chin touch their chest.

Visit Baby Safety Month’s site for a ton more safety tips, recall information, and plenty of other resources for everything baby safety!