During pregnancy, expecting moms can be preoccupied with gaining too much weight, not gaining enough, and losing the “baby weight” after the baby comes. Proper nutrition is essential and an internet search for “pregnancy food” brings up 213,000,000 results (I tried it). It is so hard to imagine going through a pregnancy being malnourished and worrying about eating anything at all on a given day.

I was crushed to hear how expecting moms in the Horn of Africa are acutely malnourished. According to CARE, about 360,000 women are pregnant in this area and in Somalia, 1 in 5 women of reproductive age do not get nearly enough food for herself and her baby.

CARE International stresses the importance of supporting these women so they are healthy and can breastfeed their newborns and ensure them a healthy start. Take a minute to visit CARE’s website and learn more. Our support is needed to relieve the malnutrition.