January 2011

Safety first when you are expecting…so where do tattoos fall? It seems like putting a needle and ink in your skin PERMANENTLY is a really bad idea, but the true risks are unknown. Pregnant or not, you should do the necessary research like making sure the tattoo artist uses sterile equipment. There is always the risk for infection if the equipment or the facility is contaminated. But there’s little concrete research that confirms if the dye in the ink truly has a negative impact on the development of your baby.
So if you want to get a tattoo while you are pregnant, there is not really any conclusive evidence that says absolutely not. But we can probably agree that it is not recommended. It’s worth waiting a few more months to get your tattoo than contract an infection or have a serious allergic reaction. If it can be prevented, it should be.

Each week, I enjoy bringing you pregnancy news of all kinds.  It’s a nice distraction from life’s sometimes hectic pace!  Today, I bring you another type of distraction – one Barefoot & Pregnant is known best for: pregnancy relaxation.  When you can’t get to the spa for a prenatal massage, take time for a lavender bubble bath!

Lavender Bubble Bath

Lavender oil is noted for its soothing properties and is particularly beneficial for aching backs, legs and ligaments.

1 quart water
1 bar of your favorite unscented soap, grated
2 ounces coconut oil
3 drops of lavender essential oil


Warm the water in a pan, and then add the soap and stir until dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and add the coconut and lavender oils. Using pleasantly warm (not boiling hot) water, draw yourself a nice deep bath, add one tablespoon of your newly concocted bubble bath and enjoy. You can store the remainder in a sealed jar, ready for your next moment of indulgence!


Hollywood is glowing with babies!

Super cute Miranda Kerr and even cuter Orlando Bloom welcomed a son (almost 10 pounds) this January. Their son definitely has the potential to do some Zoolander-like damage.

Heroes star Ali Larter also had a baby boy, Theodore, in late December.

Rachel Zoe (expecting a boy) and Christina Applegate (expecting a girl) are both due in February. Owen Wilson is set to be a dad any day now and Natalie Portman recently revealed she is also expecting! Remember the show Sister, Sister? One of the show’s stars, identical twin Tia Mowry, is also going to become a mom this year. Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child and the rumor is that Kate Hudson is expecting too!

And finally, Alanis Morissette received the best Christmas present when she welcomed her son, Ever Imre, on Christmas day (a little ironic, don’t ya think?). His name, Ever, is getting a little attention. What do you think?

Is it true a nipple is a nipple?  I can only imagine the open-mouthed looks my blog must be getting right now.  To most pregnant women and nursing moms – yes, a nipple is a nipple.  A beautiful part of our bodies that symbolizes womanhood and motherhood.  That provides sustenance to our babies.

To Facebook, the question is whether or not photos of nursing women is an obscenity.  That’s why they removed the Leaky B@@b from their site recently (and put it back up and removed it and…).  Founder Jessica Martin-Weber created this page andwww.theleakyboob.com as a breast-feeding support group where thousands of women come to ask questions and trade answers.

Even though some people say any PR is good PR, in this case, I think Jessica would disagree.  It’s her goal to fly under the radar.  To be a safe community for nursing women to share, support and learn.  And yes, that also includes photos.  Photos that are generally used for identifying medical problems.

I say GO Leaky B@@b!  Anyone that provides support, community and comfort to pregnant and new moms deserves a round of applause, not deletion.