December 2010

New Year’s Eve is a time to get together with friends and ring in the New Year. There is drinking all around and a traditional midnight toast. If you are expecting, partaking in the messiness of it all is out of the question. But there is no reason you can’t create a perfect champagne-like drink of your own (a la expecting Heidi Klum on Project Runway)!

Take your favorite martini recipe and substitute the alcohol with something healthy and tasty. Use a little sparkling cider and add some pomegranate juice or fresh raspberries. You could add mint leaves and lime juice to iced tea. Be your own bartender and take your favorite drink, like orange juice, and mix in the craving of the day (hopefully you aren’t dying for a New York steak). Shake it up and pour in a nicely-garnished glass and you are ready to go!



Happy Holidays! To spice things up a bit, we are featuring user blogs periodically. This is from Amanda from Sacramento. Enjoy!


As I enter my 6th month of pregnancy, I’ve realized that there have been quite a few surprises. Some of them have come completely out of blue, others I had heard stories of or read about, but all of them have taken me by surprise in one way or another.

1. The Heartburn. Ah yes, we all know the old wives tale that lots of heartburn means a nice, hairy little baby. Well, if this is true, then I am fairly certain that I have a monkey developing inside of me. I get heartburn when I’m eating, sleeping, exercising, working, relaxing, and any time in between. I have always been proud to say that up until now I have had a digestive tract like a garbage disposal. Before pregnancy I could eat anything I wanted with out a drop of acid entering my esophagus. Alas, those days are over and I am left popping Tums like candy and wondering if I’m going to have to wax my daughter’s unibrow before she’s five.

2. The Awkwardness. I now know what a beached whale feels like. Enough said.

3. The Strange Dreams. The mind is an incredible thing. Not only does my conscious mind think constantly about the baby, but my subconscious does too. Last night alone I had a dream of going into preterm labor, a dream that I slept through the first year of her life, and a dream that my baby girl was born a mouse a la Stuart Little. Even my husband and family have had strange dreams about the baby (if you’re expecting and having strange dreams, chances are your family is too- bring it up and start some dream swapping, it can get pretty hilarious).

4. The Belly Rubbing. I would love to find a maternity shirt that says “Buddha Belly”. I think he’s probably the only one who can sympathize with what a pregnant woman goes through.

5. The Joy. Never in my life have I been happier or felt love like I feel for the little girl growing inside of me. I hope she can feel how much her father and I love her, and how much we can’t wait to meet our beautiful Isabella Maria.


With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of over-indulging.  Lord knows I do and every year about this time, I manage to gain about 10 pounds.  And when you’re pregnant – it’s almost as if you have license to eat whatever you want!

Let me be your voice of reason… DON’T DO IT!  Stick with a healthy diet and turn down excessive eating and snacking by thinking about how hard it is to take off post baby weight AND coming up with a creative work out routine.  What works for you?