August 2010

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How to Select and Adoption Attorney: “Adoption attorneys play an important role in creating your family through adoption. Thus, selection of an attorney is an important and critical decision.  The factors like fairness of fee, quality of service, depth of knowledge etc. can vary dramatically among attorneys.”

Just Juice-Counterpressure of the Fruity Kind: “You may have noticed that, as your pregnancy progresses, you may need the assistance of another person more often, especially when it comes to massage.”


Check out these new articles on Barefoot & Pregnant!

What is Really Going on Here?: “Dear Mr. Dad: Please settle an argument. My wife—who’s five months pregnant—says that our baby’s senses are developing throughout the pregnancy. I think she’s crazy. How can an unborn baby develop a sense of touch or taste or anything else?”

When to Call Your Baby’s Doctor: “One of the toughest and most nerve-racking things for new parent is figuring out when to call the doctor. As a general rule of thumb, trust your instincts.”

Try this recipe from Julie: Strawberry Cream Rollups

The baby boom trend in Hollywood continues with some new pregnancies to announce!

Christina Applegate is pregnant and showing

Melissa Rycroft of The Bachelor and DWTS is expecting –  due in February

And sorry ladies, but Orlando Bloom and new wife Miranda Kerr, are happily married and expecting their first child.