January 2010

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A Miracle Birth: “Childbirth is an amazing time in a woman’s life – in a family’s life. And, there is no question that childbirth in America is far from perfect.”

The Breast Cancer Gene and Infertility: “Historically we’ve known that infertile women had a higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer, especially women who delayed childbearing”


Chris O’Donnell recently admitted to People that while he always thought he would have 5 children, the 5th pregnancy of his wife Caroline took them by surprise.  O’Donnell also admits he couldn’t be happier about the “miscommunication” and is the proud father of five – 3 girls and 2 boys:

Lily – 10

Chip – 9

Charles – 6

Finley 3.5

Maeve – 2

And from the sounds of it, they couldn’t be happier with their big family!

Check out these new articles on Barefoot & Pregnant!

Pregnant and Single: “Until I got pregnant in my thirties, and the man I thought would be the happy father of three more children wanted me to get rid of this lovely blessing … and when push came to shove, I chose my baby over the relationship.”

The Blessing of the Monks: “Many years ago we found out that we could not have a baby without medical intervention. Being a mother was something I wanted for so long, but surprisingly, getting the news was not as devastating as I would have expected.”

Eating for Two, Again: “You’re delighted with your new baby but less so with your new body. This is not, however, the time to go on a diet. In any case, you don’t really need to. Know that having lost ten pounds or so at delivery, you will lose a further ten in the first two weeks of your baby’s life.”

Anatomy of a Painless Labor: “Every book I have ever read on labor stresses the need for preparation. Unanimously, professional on both side of the fence (medical solution to pain-management and those who suggest a more natural approach) preach the importance of informed decisions.”

Try this mocktail: Glow Mama-politan

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