November 2009

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Maternity Photography-Capturing the Magic of Pregnancy: “Years ago, no woman in her right mind would have considered baring her pregnant belly for the world to see.  Times have changed!”

How to Locate a Child for Adoption: “Now a days, most adoptive parents locate a baby for adoption by meeting and being selected by a birth mother, usually while she is in the latter stage of pregnancy. All waiting adoptive parents aim to find a birth mother they like and trust.”

Eight Baby-friendly Thanksgiving Dishes: “Make baby’s first Thanksgiving one his or her taste buds will never forget. Here’s a baby-friendly spin on eight traditional holiday foods, many of which are probably already on your grocery list.” 



No need to battle the crowds while protecting the bump from stray packages and umbrellas this year – give yourself a break and put your feet up, you can join us from home! If you haven’t entered our Biggest Babymoon Ever contest and made a reservation to join us, there’s still time to be part of this special weekend, and wouldn’t it make a great holiday gift?

We’d love your input on Babymoons – you’ll be automatically entered to win the getaway weekend if you fill out our brief babymoon survey!

Time for celebrating, giving thanks, and creating good memories with friends & family.

Oh yeah, and extra 2-5 pounds. That’s what the average American gains each holiday season! When you’re pregnant and already gaining weight, its even more important to keep your weight gain in a healthy range and avoid the extra trimmings.  Remember, the old adage really isn’t true – you are drinking for two, not eating!

Read more tips on pregnant lady holiday eating.


Check out these new articles on Barefoot & Pregnant!

Stretch Marks with Twin Pregnancy-Is it Inevitable?: “Stretch marks and twin pregnancy sort of go hand in hand, especially if you make it to full term with two babies! It’s just a matter of how bad yours will get.”

Mercury and Pregnancy: “If a woman is exposed to high levels of mercury while she is pregnant, her health and the baby’s health are threatened. A woman can take several actions to help reduce the amount of mercury she and her baby are exposed to.”

Try this Recipe! Strawberry Recipes


Once you’re through the first trimester morning sickness and feeling proud of your baby bump and glowing during your second trimester – you may feel like singing a little ditty to go along with your mood.

Turns out that singing during pregnancy is actually more difficult, but not for the reasons most people initially thought.  A study monitoring professional singers found that its not decreased lung capacity, but those pesky hormone fluctuations that actually make singing more difficult.

Larger studies are needed, but in the meantime, maybe just just add a little dancing to that singing to round it out.

Maclaren has issued a safety alert for over 1 million strollers, after 12 separate incidences of children having their fingers amputated after getting caught in the stroller hinge.  For safety reasons, we recommend you stop using the Maclaren and order a hinge cover at



Last week, we told you about our Biggest Babymoon Ever event, coming up in February 2010!  This week, we’re focused on the fabulous property where the event will take place:  Spa Elia at Hotel Los Gatos.

Hotel Los Gatos is not only a gorgeous boutique hotel, but is a certified green property. The hotel is a short drive from San Francisco and the soothing Santa Cruz coast.  Nestled in historic downtown Los Gatos at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the 72-room property is a rich addition to this charming community.
The result of unique vision and years of planning, the villa oasis reflects a mix of old California charm and Mediterranean flavor, with lush courtyard gardens, flowing fountains and terra cotta walls.  The lobby recalls shades of the setting sun, while the dark wood floors, deep leather chairs, wrought iron accents and original artwork radiate warmth and tradition.  The hotel also features a heated pool and hot tub, spectacular courtyards, fountains and patios.

Spa Elia whisks guests away to a Mediterranean Garden retreat where treatments are designed to ease the mind while easing consciousness.  With all organic and sustainable products, the intention of the spa is to renew its guests while renewing the planet at the same time…all while offering an extensive menu that invites visitors to enjoy fabulous body, massage, esthetic and nail services.

I’m relaxing just thinking about it!

As a reminder, you can read the details of the Biggest Babymoon event and reserve your spot, and of course, enter the promotion to win.  Good luck – we’ll see you at the Spa.

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