August 2009

Ellen is expecting a baby girl this October, her first with husband Chris.  Her co-star on Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl, hosted the baby shower in her backyard this Saturday.   Guests were treated to a catered luncheon, and surrounded by pink accents of flowers and candles.  Congratulations to Ellen and Chris, we can’t wait to hear about their baby girl (and we’re excited for Grey’s new season, too!).


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Finding Hope After Miscarriage: “Angy Merola’s first attempt at motherhood resulted in an ectopic pregnancy, discovered only after much damage was done to one of her fallopian tubes. Her chances of becoming pregnant again were now, in theory, cut in half. That’s how she began a four-year journey filled with heartbreak and struggle…”

Are You Asking the Right Questions?: “As expectant mamas, especially if this is your first baby, there are a ton of questions to ask. Questions about your body, what’s normal, what’s not, the birth, baby care, and more.”

Rise and Shine- Oatmeal Mask for Dry Skin: “Start a relaxing day by treating yourself to this incredibly soothing facial mask designed to help dry skin feel baby soft.”

From Deadlines to Diapers: Confessions of a Former Mommy Snob: “Before I became a mother, I was a world-class planner. I poured my mental energy into networking and career building. Parenting, I thought, could be approached in much the same fashion.”

We all have that someone we depend on when we have a parenting question that needs answering.  Maybe it’s your mother, or sister…it could be a neighbor, or a friend who has already been through the stage and can confirm that yes, terrible two’s actually do begin at 18 months, not to worry.

That’s why we started Barefoot & Pregnant – so that you would have a place to come to – at all times and all hours – to share and connect with others like you. And now we’d like to ask you to help us make Barefoot & Pregnant the best resource for expectant and new parents.  How? We think you know a lot more than you think you do about being a good parent.  Pick a topic you are passionate about – did you have difficulty getting pregnant, or would you do things differently in your next pregnancy?  Do you have a tip every new parent should know?  Share your wisdom with us, and your fellow community of parents, by submitting an article.

Don’t feel up to the task, or just don’t have the time right now?  We understand!  Get in touch with one of your go-to people and tell them how much their support and advice means to you, and ask them to share it with other parents just like you.

Trust us, they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel great too!

Check out what our members and partners are talking about on Barefoot & Pregnant!

Oh the Decadence! Yummy Chocolate Mask for Normal Skin: “While you may have sworn off the cocktails, chocolate in all its forms and flavors is a minor vice that’s very much tolerated by the pregnancy police.”

Parent Coaching for New Moms: “Motherhood adds stress to life, no matter how good you feel.  The challenges of caring for a newborn, other children, home, and whatever else can cause problems for you physically and emotionally – unless you have good support.  One form of help available to you is a parent coach.”

How to Think and Act like a Co-parent: “Upon your divorce or separation, you and the other parent don’t suddenly just magically become co-parents (parents who work together as a team for their child’s best interest). It takes a lot of hard work and many ups and downs to craft a relationship that allows you to cooperate together in a way that benefits your child.”


Try this recipe:

Recipes From Julie: Molasses Fig Cake

Did you know you can use that Chardonnay (that you aren’t drinking anyway now that you are pregnant!) to create a clarifying mask?  Or how to choose the most effective sunscreen?  You can find these great tidbits, and more, by subscribing to Belly News!

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Check out what our members have been talking about on Barefoot & Pregnant:

The Importance of Eating Breakfast Daily: “Your breakfast habits affect every hormonal and physiological pathway in your body and sets everything in motion – good or bad!”

Baby Your Face: Relaxing Facial Massage: “This is a great way to relieve headache and sinus pain, or just to relax. All you need are your own two hands and a comfy place to sit or lie down.  Better yet, use your partner’s hands!”

Scared to Deliver: “I know that his day will come when he is ready to be born and I welcome that opportunity to meet him but this is my first pregnancy and I am terrified of delivery.”

Organic Food and Home Supplies: Just How Much Cost Difference is There?: “Over and over you hear a variation of the statement, “I’d love to buy more organic products but it’s just SOOOO expensive.”  And locally there’s a new variation:  “I love our new local store focused on organic and natural products, but Whole Foods is less expensive.” ‘

Please join us in welcoming two new mini-celebrities into the world this week (and we think ALL of our babies deserve celebrity status!)

Jennifer Hudson and her fiancee David Otunga welcomed a baby boy,  David Daniel Otunga, Jr., Monday night. The couple didn’t know the sex of the baby prior to giving birth – a trend we love – one of life’s greatest surprises!  Hudson, the American Idol finalist, Grammy winner, and star of Dreamgirls had tragedy to deal with this year, with the loss of her mother and brother in a tragic shooting, so we hope baby David will bring her much well deserved joy.


Jennifer Hasselbeck, co-host of The View, welcomed her 3rd child this past Sunday. Jennifer and her husband Isaiah Timothy Hasselbeck (former NFL backup quarterback) have a daughter, Grace, and a son, Tyler. Dad says both mom & baby are doing really well, and we’re sure Grace & Tyler will be great big siblings.

Congratulations to both Jennifer’s and their families!

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