What do real moms think about the resources & community available at Barefoot & Pregnant?  Lets hear from them!

Felicia says

“…if you are pregnant or know someone who is or soon will be, tell them about Barefoot and Pregnant.”

Andrea thinks

There’s a compendium of information for expectant and new and expectant moms, as well as dads, adoptive parents, and couples who are trying to conceive. There are groups and forums where you can connect with other parents or post questions in the unlikely event that you don’t find the aswers just by browsing the site. If you’re a writer or blogger, you can even contribute articles to the site!

and Deb says

I like how there’s a community feel right from the beginning and each category includes links to forums and groups so that if you’re looking for more interaction than just reading an article or finding a piece of information, you know exactly where to go. Registering on the site was quick and easy (and free!) and I found it easy to navigate around using the menus

Thanks moms!  We appreciate the feedback, and look forward to connecting with you on Barefoot & Pregnant.  Do you have a suggestion for us? We’d love to hear from you.