June 2009

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Ten Timely Tips for Pregnant Working Women: “Should you work while you are pregnant? About 78% of pregnant women continue work through the end of pregnancy.”

Morning Sickness, Oh No!: “As soon as the excitement of having a positive pregnancy result is known, that queasy feeling may start to become evident at any time of day or night, not just the morning, and you may wonder what you got yourself into.” 

Tips for Finding a Maternity Photographer: “The average pregnancy photo shoot should happens 6 to 8 weeks from your due date, so there’s almost no room for error if you don’t like the finished result or the photographer makes a mistake.”

Sex on a Schedule-Without Feeling Like you are on a Schedule: “For those of us who spent half of our lives trying not to get pregnant, actually getting pregnant later in life isn’t always as easy!  Thus the birth of sex on a schedule.”

Taking a Road Trip With Your Baby: “To Grandmother’s house we go! And you’ll be in the car for five whole hours.”

Your Child and Co-parenting: “All of you have to work together to help this new family structure work effectively. Helping your child adjust to your new situation takes time and patience.”


Welcome to SJP & Matthew’s twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, delivered by surrogate in Ohio this past Monday.

That’s right, we just talked about Matthew on Sunday’s Father’s Day post, and did he have something to celebrate!  Matthew, girlfriend Camila and 11 month-old Levi are expecting a new addition to the family!  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Gisele & Tom, who announced they are expecting!  Gisele is due early 2010. They were married last February, and this will be the first child for the pair.  Tom has a son, John, with former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

Supermodel + Quarterback = Good Genes!

We want to wish all our dads & dads-to-be a Happy Father’s Day!  Whether its your first Father’s Day, or your fifteenth, we hope your family is doing something special to celebrate.

It’s never been so “in” to be a dad, so what better time to check out a few of our favorite celebrity fathers? We just hope the daddyhood trend is one that lasts long after skinny jeans have come and gone.

Brad Pitt – Father to, at last count, six kids – and still traveling the world with them in tow.  And we all know how easy it is to travel with kids (though perhaps a bit easier if you are Angelina and Brad).

David Beckham – With his very own version of My Three Sons – tattooed on his back, no less.

Jamie Oliver – Who is teaching his 3 daughters (all named for, or after, flowers) to eat healthy and be well.  And hopefully teaching us too.

Matthew McDonaughey – Who gave up beer while his girlfriend was pregnant and little Levi’s already been to a red carpet event.

Our very own contributing writer, Mr. Dad.

Whether you’re a hollywood celeb or the dad who takes his kids to the park on Sunday mornings, we are lucky to have you!

Check out what our members and partners have been writing about this week:

The Ideal Green Mom on a Budget: “With the economy as depressed as it is, cutting back expenses is what many families must do these days.”

When Dads are Excluded From the OB: “The fact that the dad-to-be might have some specific and important needs, concerns, questions, worries, or anything of his own else rarely seems to occur to anyone.”

Soul Support: “I want toensure that you have created a full soul support team not only for the birth (or arrival if you are adopting), but for before and after your baby arrives.”

To Buy or Not to Buy Before Baby: Baby showers and gifts for an unborn child are taboo.”

Budgeting for Twins: What Parents Should Consider: “Finding out you are expecting twins is exciting but, it may also be a cause for panic!”

There’s a Baby in Your Spa-Why the Pampering Doesn’t have to End: “Here endeth the lecture. Now go forth and enjoy your baby. Enjoy your new role as a mom.”

Teresa Guidice, of Bravo’s The Real Hosuewives of New Jersey, is expecting her fourth child in September. Guidice has three (adorable) daughters and wants to keep the sex of her unborn child a surprise.

Guidice’s castmate, Jacqueline Laurita, gave birth to her third child, a baby boy named Nicholas, last week.

Congrats to the housewives! Looks likes next season’s premiere will welcome a few new faces to the Jersey scene!

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