May 2009

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Why Does Childbirth Hurt?: “What if pain in childbirth is an unnecessary remnant from human evolution?”

Foods for Fertility: “I didn’t need another Ah Ha moment to recognize that my very unbalanced diet had possibly endangered my daughter and could also be ruining my chances at a second child.”

Pregnancy Workouts-Daddy Style: “Exercising during pregnancy may also help your partner keep her weight gain steady and reasonable, help her sleep better, improve her self-esteem, reduce some of the normal pregnancy-related discomforts.”

1st Trimester Checklist: “If you have not been taking vitamins, you’ll want to start on a prenatal vitamin now.”

Adoption Costs and Fees: “Up-front fees and expenses range from zero to $2,500, including travel and attorney’s fees.” 

Looking Good for the First Photos (Even Though you were in Labor for 36 Hours): “No woman could possibly look more tired, more haggard, and more annoyed to be viewed through a lens.”


An Institute of Medicine committee today released new guidelines for pregnancy weight gain – definitely worth a read whether you are trying to conceive or pregnant.

Take a look at these new articles from our members and partners on Barefoot & Pregnant.

Defying Infertility the Alternative Way: “Sometime during my first few days of newlywed bliss, I conceived. We weren’t trying to get pregnant, but we weren’t trying to avoid it either.”

The Legal Process of Adoption: “Adoption is a legal process that creates a new, permanent parent-child relationship where one didn’t exist before.” 

Interval Training for Postnatal Moms: “What I love about interval training is that you can burn more calories in less the amount of time as a steady state.”

Stop the Diaper Changing Battle: “A simple issue can turn into a major tug-of-war between parent and baby.”

New Dads and Husband-coached Childbirth: “But then, she pushes, I mean pushes like you have never personally pushed in your life, with a MIGHT that seems powered by a nuclear core.”

As the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day is the kick-off to several weekends spending time outdoors with friends & family and enjoying the long summer evenings. For many, this weekend also means outdoor BBQs, picnics, and cocktails – but if you’re pregnant, that last one isn’t in the plans – at least this summer.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Spruce up your boring-but-thirst quenching glass of water with thinly sliced cucumber, or make your own mocktail with lemonade, sparkling water, and a sprig of mint. You’ll find that even these small changes can make your “usual” feel special.   Added bonus?  You’ll feel well-hydrated, and no hangover!

Now on to all the temptations that lie on the picnic table.  Most of them you can enjoy without any problem with a few smart choices.  The fruit salad is great for expecting mothers with a sweet tooth, and the pretzels can offer relief for those salty cravings.  Since most fruits and veggies are now in-season, there’s something for even the most discriminating mom & baby! Watching calories? (good for you!) – head for the sugar-free popsicles instead of the full-fat ice cream.

Now raise a glass to toast summertime!

This left me speechless.

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From retirement parties to 50-year high school reunions to giving birth. Ahhh, to be 66.

66-year old Elizabeth Adeney is certainly giving a new meaning to the phrase senior citizen. She is expecting a child next month, after undergoing fertility treatment. Despite her age, Adeney, a divorcee, feels there is no need to defend her decision. She is embracing motherhood with open arms and, just like any other expectant mom, is preparing herself and her home for a newborn.

At 66, she has continued to work full time during her pregnancy. While many expectant mothers battle with the decision of whether to go back to work after their baby’s birth, Adeney could technically retire.

Motherhood is a special time in a woman’s life, no matter what age. But have we taken “advanced maternal age” a bit too far?

Let us know what you think!

Here’s an interesting iPhone app out that helps you keep track of your pregnancy. The baby’s 3-D face seems a bit creepy, but other than that it’s got great reviews in the iTunes store.  It’s $2.99, but with such a strong rating it may be worth a try. Let us know what you think of it in the comments field!

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