I saw these articles and felt a little sad! People always ask “Have you chosen a name?” or “What’s your baby’s name?” It almost feels the baby’s name gets judged by everyone that finds out, even if us judgers don’t want to admit it.  It’s a lot of pressure and parents can make lists and lists of names before choosing the right one. Picking a name sticks for life and it isn’t something a parent wants to regret. After all, what’s in a name?

Baby Name Mistakes

Baby Name Regrets







It’s flu season and doctors are recommending that expecting moms get a flu shot to protect themselves and baby. The flu shot can prevent serious illness to mom that can affect baby’s health. The March of Dimes urges that all pregnant women be immunized and that the vaccine is safe and effective. Talk to your doctor about getting vaccinated!


September is here and it is officially Baby Safety Month, sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. In the past, JPMA has focused on educating parents about outfitting a nursery, using a car seat properly, and creating a safe sleeping environment. This year, they will focus on using wearable infant products like soft carriers, slings, and frame carriers.

JPMA talks about the benefits of using a carrier or sling (babywearing), not only has a hands free option of carrying your infant but has a way to establish a close physical connection. If you are using a soft carrier, make sure the baby’s face is always visible and that they are never covered with fabric. They should have plenty of airflow. If you are using a frame carrier, make sure baby’s weight is distributed evenly and always check for any ripped seams. If you use a sling, check your baby’s position by embracing them after you place them in the sling. They should not move around a lot. Also, make sure they are not hunched over and don’t let their chin touch their chest.

Visit Baby Safety Month’s site for a ton more safety tips, recall information, and plenty of other resources for everything baby safety!


During pregnancy, expecting moms can be preoccupied with gaining too much weight, not gaining enough, and losing the “baby weight” after the baby comes. Proper nutrition is essential and an internet search for “pregnancy food” brings up 213,000,000 results (I tried it). It is so hard to imagine going through a pregnancy being malnourished and worrying about eating anything at all on a given day.

I was crushed to hear how expecting moms in the Horn of Africa are acutely malnourished. According to CARE, about 360,000 women are pregnant in this area and in Somalia, 1 in 5 women of reproductive age do not get nearly enough food for herself and her baby.

CARE International stresses the importance of supporting these women so they are healthy and can breastfeed their newborns and ensure them a healthy start. Take a minute to visit CARE’s website and learn more. Our support is needed to relieve the malnutrition.

Wow! This is truly amazing. Imagine not knowing you were pregnant and then, just like that, you are holding your newborn boy. Her boyfriend thought it was a practical joke. Too bad it isn’t April 1st! Check out this video.



The economy is having a major influence on the family planing of many married couples in the U.S. Couples are thinking twice before not just expanding their brood, but having a brood at all. No kids means less financial commitment, less stress and guilt, and more free time.

According to an article on Yahoo! Shine, one in five American women do not have children at all. Also, in a 2007 survey, just 41% of Americans consider having children important for a successful marriage.

Check out the article. What do you think?

Vaccines are such a simple way to ensure that children don’t catch sicknesses that are easily preventable. Especially in poorer countries, these illnesses that are easily treated in countries where healthcare is a priority can end young children’s lives. Pneumonia, for example, has proven to be a problem in Mozambique. Watch this mother and her son’s fight against pneumonia.

Donate to an organization like Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and make a difference!